samedi 23 février 2019

2019 and The (same) New Dream

It's been nearly a decade of striving and allowing life to guide me towards this deep love of menswear. I would never have believed that the dreams started in this blog nearly 11 years ago would attract me to the offices of Vogue, GQ Style, Rolling Stone and working with men in like Ewan McGregor in Scotland, Morocco, and Cuba. This love of storytelling is both mesmerizing as much as it (still) provides a bit of torture. The desire to do more, see more, create more and contribute more to the world still remains the same. I am in awe of the process and cannot wait to continue to see more of the world and bring this dream to life.

dimanche 9 mars 2014

The Tug of War

I've never been aware of why the idea of 'creating' seems to create such anxiety within me. There is this intimidation and this understanding [ I believe] that once you begin to unravel and truly dig into something, it becomes quite hard to turn back. I've always had this sense of awe when viewing artists who use different mediums create works of art that aren't 'obvious.' That they too have gone through a process of unveiling and destructing to become such profound iconoclasts. These last few months I've tried to deny this awareness. This 'coping' mechanism unfortunately is in no way successful, hence the anxiety. You will find that in these diary entries are such struggles. These desires to move forward and explore what excites and inspires me and this brand and with this the often louder fear of exposure. This tug of war. I've added this phenomenal piece by one of the most inspiring composers that allow me to fall into a creative space. It is from one of favorite films / visual works of art. No words.

samedi 8 février 2014

Fassbender & Great Performances by TIME

If you have read any previous posts or have spoken to me regarding films and characters in person, then you know very well my love of characters. The death of PSHoffman just took place and when news broke I immediately thought of the loss of a great. There are so few greats. There are amazing actors and designers, and artists but there are so few greats who when they perform [create], you fear for their sanity. This brilliance which I have always sought to explore is one that carries great importance in the ability to contribute authentic and mind blowing material. Here is a Fassbender interview with TIME that I had to post.


dimanche 22 septembre 2013


Even before I fell into where I am. I've always had the greatest love for Robert Rabensteiner. It's been like this since 2008 with Robert, the friend in my head. #trueidol #inspiration. These people make me want to be a better storyteller in menswear. There is far too much truth in this man's story.

dimanche 19 mai 2013


Outside of models who appear to be superheroes and a phenomenon, it's very rare that we see
sirens. And for those Kate Upton fans, I said siren. Megan Fox, whom I've denied as stunning for far too long as proven otherwise. I may not support her roles but no young actress can hold a candle to this girl in sex appeal. That lucky 90210er.


mercredi 15 mai 2013

Lately I've found myself listening to more hip hop tracks than usual. There is something so cool about the underdog. As I type this, I have blasted Say What's Real by Drake & it reminds me of that cool moment in the life of greats, when people see what you've been envisioning for years. You've officially proven yourself as not crazy. The way you dress, your love for your artistry, that gold watch that you've worn for years that may not have worked (but just looked too damn good to pass off). But truly, as I begin to ramble, I keep praying for my moment when [like these artists] everything comes together. Can I fucking be the fashion industry's Drake? Seriously. I've been dealing with this underground feeling forever and I'm just ready to deal with the heavy shit. Bring on the cuffed pants & the coolest handkerchiefs. Never want anything but to breathe this world. How can people not expect these kids not to be arrogant when they make it?


mercredi 1 mai 2013


It isn't everyday that you can find someone with great style who can be pulled to be a face of a brand. Take a moment to view this menswear inspiration

jeudi 25 avril 2013

MEN OF THE DAY, Damian Lewis: Jaguar F-TYPE presents Desire

If you weren't an addict of HOMELAND before, here are two other reasons to become on. One, Damian Lewis is in it. Secondly, did I mention Damian Lewis is in it? Here is DL in Ridley Scott's short film Desire for Jaguar F-Type.

I'm confident that I just died a little & went to heaven. You tell me why this Martone Cycling Co. bicycle is this badass. I recently passed the new Parsons School of Design building and much to my surprise, a suited guy just spun down the street with a similar bicycle and EVERYONE (who obviously understand great style) turned. All he needed was a rumble to make greater noise.

mercredi 24 avril 2013


Besides the obvious reasons above, there are ONLY positives to Orlebar Brown. I first became familiar with the brand while in the Mens Editorial Department at VOGUE & immediately became addicted! Besides the bad ass prints, the brand has to have the most brilliant colors. I've started an addiction to color (officially not on me) & how it boosts the powers of black. Think Royal Blue & an Emerald Green. Anyways, fuck what you've known about shorts before. This is it & as stunning as it gets.

samedi 6 avril 2013


Introducing Bad Kid & Model Sung Jin Park. I cannot describe how obsessed I am with how dark this kid is. Complete Model Citizen.